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"How on earth do people find a career path they love? That single question lit a fire in me and I went all-in on a mission to figure it out."


For as long as I can remember, I’d get inspired when I met people who truly loved their work regardless of what it is they actually did. You could be a doctor or a plumber (yes, growing up I had a plumber who absolutely loved his job. Shout out to George Kuggel!). It didn’t matter to me what you did, if you loved your craft I’d get fired up and wanted to know more about how you got there.


However, when I hit the real world after college I didn’t have that clarity. I chased after career recommendations from family and friends. I chased the “shiny things” like income potential and jobs that “looked good,” I knew I was developing valuable skills and learning a ton, but I never really felt satisfied. I was feeling trapped and confused as to what I really wanted to do. “How the hell do people find a career path they love?” That single question lit a fire in me and I went all-in on a mission to figure it out.


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