I spent a decade creating a career path I love and clarity in “who I am for work.” Now I’m on a mission to help you do the same.

Alex is passionate about helping others develop professionally and achieve their career goals. His interest in professional development and personal growth started in college, studying Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development.​ Discovering a passion for this topic created the road map for Alex's career. Over the last 12 years, Alex has built a successful track record in sales, business development and consulting, working with companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 global enterprises.

I’m grateful for the early career moves.

They taught me extremely valuable lessons like paying your dues grinding through work even when you don’t like it, and helped me acquire a wide range of knowledge skills and experience that are proving to be extremely valuable today.  The challenge, however, was those jobs were not “aligned” with me, so in the long run, I knew they were not the jobs I would make a career out of.


I’ve always loved to teach and I find tremendous satisfaction in helping others. Whether its helping people solve problems, think creatively, plan strategically, or even just encouragement and accountability. When other people succeed and feel good, it makes me feel good.

I spent my 20’s in Sales and Business Development, and my early 30’s in Consulting. At every job I had I always took on some type of trainer, mentor or coaching role. Even my sales approach was very educational and consultative, and my satisfaction always came from solving the problem and providing real value, and less so from the commission check or exceeding quota. Deep down I just loved to teach but I was ignoring my calling because I didn’t think it fit with the mold of society, friends, family, and financial expectations. So as I dove deep into a world of self-discovery, self-awareness and discovering “who I was for work,” it really dawned on me that I need to teach, train, coach, or consult in some way.


Be brave. Get curious.

In addition to that, I’ve always been extremely passionate and curious about the intersection of people and business. I never cared as much for software, data, finance...it was always the people. I was fascinated by people who loved their work, regardless of their field. I was fascinated by companies who had amazing cultures and employees who stayed with companies happily for years and years. Fascinated by Leaders who inspired others to give their all and deliver exceptional work.


I was naturally drawn to anything related to social psychology, Emotional Intelligence, strengthening interpersonal skills, sales skills, negotiating, communication, relationships...everything that had to do with people and human interaction. It was the books I read, courses I took, podcasts I listened to. It was never about who made the most money, for me it was always about the impact on people.


So when you combine these things, the sum is the consulting and coaching work I do now and I couldn’t be happier. It flows through me, I have endless energy for it, an insatiable curiosity to learn more and be better for my clients and anyone else listening. It’s just work I simply love to do.

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